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What is an Illinois Name Check?

A "name check" is a request that is based on alpha-numeric subject identifiers. Such requests will result in a search of the Illinois State Police's computerized criminal history record files to produce a subject record which matches identifiers used in the search (e.g., Last name, First Name, Middle Name, date of birth, sex, and race.)

Reasons for Name Check

Please follow the following steps to process your Name Check Request UCIA for IL STATE

1] Please Complete the Name Check Request (UCIA) Form and Credit Card Payment Form by CLICKING HERE

2] Submit these forms by E-mail to:

3] Once the background check is completed by Illinois State Police, A A Live Scan Fingerprinting will respond back to the customer as noted on the Name Check Request Form.

4] The cost of the name check is $25.00. We also accept Cash / Major Credit Cards

If you have any questions, you will receive very quick responses to you or your requestor by e-mail (Response back in few hours by e-mail).

Uniform Conviction Information Act
On January 1, 1991, the Uniform Conviction Information Act (UCIA) became law in Illinois. This act mandates that all criminal history record conviction information collected and maintained by the Illinois State Police, Bureau of Identification, be made available to the public pursuant to 20 ILCS 2635/1 et seq. This law permits only conviction information to be disseminated to the public.

NON-FINGERPRINT CONVICTION INFORMATION REQUEST-NAME CHECK INQUIRY - Any criminal history record information furnished as a result of a non-fingerprint based computerized criminal history check is based solely on a search of the identifiers provided in the request. It is not uncommon for criminal offenders to use alias names and dates of birth which could adversely affect the results of a non-fingerprint based search of the Illinois State Police's computerized criminal history record information files.

Payment Options
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We do not accept personal checks.

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