Out of State Fingerprinting Services

Approved Live Scan Fingerprint Vendor for Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR)

For clients out of Illinois state, fingerprint card scanning services are available at our locations.

** Background Check Results Will go to the Proper Agency within 3 Working Days **

If you have any questions during this process, please e-mail fingerprintingchicago@gmail.com

** Please follow the step-by-step instructions below: **

1] Click the "Open & Print" button below, and print all pages.

Open & Print   
Contains: Fingeprinting Checklist, OOS-FP Form, FD-258 Fingerprint Cards, Instructions, Credit/Debit Card Form (PDF)

For quickest service, please use the attached fingerprint cards instead of waiting to receive them by mail from IDFPR.

2] Per the requirements of IDFPR, you must print and complete an Identity Verification Certifying Statement (OOS-FP Form) with your completed fingerprint cards.

  • Complete Section 1 yourself.
  • Do NOT Complete Section 2; it will be completed by the person taking your fingerprints. Leave the "TCN:FRM" field blank.
  • Do NOT complete Section 3.

Make a copy of the completed OOS-FP Form for yourself.

  • You MUST have a COPY of the OOS-FP Form to send to IDFPR (see Step #10).
  • Send the ORIGINAL version of the OOS-FP Form to A Fingerprinting US Photo.
  • We cannot return the version you send us.

3] On a separate sheet, please make a copy of your Driver's License or State ID card OR your U.S. Passport OR Foreign Passport.

4] ON THE SAME PAGE OF YOUR COPY OF YOUR Driver's License or photo ID, write your E-MAIL ADDRESS and TELEPHONE NUMBER in capital letters.

5] Fill out the FD-258 fingerprint cards as per the instructions and get fingerprinted (Black Ink or Digital) by your local law enforcement agency, or any private fingerprint business.
The fingerprinting provider will complete Section 2 of the OOS-FP Form. Make a copy of the completed OOS-FP Form for yourself.

6] Please ensure the reason for being fingerprinted (Purpose Code) is listed on the fingerprint cards.
(See the chart below for a list of Purpose Codes.)

7] If you have any questions during this process, please e-mail fingerprintingchicago@gmail.com

Enclose the following items and mail to:

A Fingerprinting U S Photo
210 S Clark St
Ground Floor Lobby
Chicago, IL 60603

  • Please enclose the following items.
  • A copy of the Fingerprinting Checklist
  • One or two completed fingerprint cards in Black Ink or Digital.
    We recommend sending two cards, in case the first card is unreadable.
  • Identify Verification Certifying Statement (OOS-FP Form) - ORIGINAL VERSION.
    You MUST keep a COPY of the OOS-FP Form to send to IDFPR in Springfield IL - we cannot return the version you send us.
  • A copy of your driver's license or State ID, or a copy of your U.S. or Foreign Passport. Your e-mail address and telephone number should also be written on this sheet.
  • For quickest service, please enclose a U.S Postal money order in the amount of $60.00 USD, or make a payment using your Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex. Credit Card Payment Form
  • We also accept cashiers check, other money orders, and personal checks, payable to "A Fingerprinting U S Photo" in the amount of $60.00 USD.
  • If you are being fingerprinted for a physician license, please be sure to use the correct purpose code (PHY or PLE) listed in the table below.

9] After receiving your fingerprint card and payment, we shall process the request and transfer the card electronically to Illinois State Police for background check and the background check results will be forwarded to IDFPR (Illinois Dept of Financial & Professional Regulation).

10] We will e-mail the TCN Receipt to you.

11] You MUST UPLOAD your completed license application, licensing fee, TCN Receipt and OOS-FP Form to the website of the Dept of Professional Regulation (https://idfpr.com)
- OR -
MAIL the completed license application, licensing fee and a COPY of the OOS-FP Form and TCN Receipt to the Division of Professional Regulation in Springfield IL.
Do not mail the final license application to us.

12] Here is a chart of reasons (Purpose Codes) for being fingerprinted.

Reason for Inquiry Purpose Code Reporting NCIC Issued ORI FBI Access
Agency Type - Illinois Dept. Of Financial & Professional Regulation
1. Physician's License
(First time license)
2. Physician's License by Endorsement
(Already licensed in another state)
3. Chiropractic License
(First time license)
4. Chiropractic License by Endorsement
(Already licensed in another state)
5. PERC - Security Guards SEC IL920020Z YES
6. Registered Professional Nurse RPN IL920630Z YES
7. Licensed Practical Nurse LPN IL920630Z YES
8. Massage Therapists MTH IL920680Z YES
9. Private Detective PSA IL920020Z YES
10. Lock Smith LOC IL920020Z YES
11. Private Security Contractor PSC IL920020Z YES
12. Humane Euthanasia HEA IL920650Z YES
13. Private Alarm Contractor PAC IL920020Z YES
14. Loan Originators BCA IL920670Z YES
15. Pawn Brokers BCA IL920550Z YES
16. Cannabis Cultivation Agent CCA IL920710Z YES
17. Cannabis Dispensing Agent CDA IL920711Z YES

We also provide additional Live Scan Fingerprinting services for any other requirements of the State of Illinois.

Ph: 312-782-8143 / 312-782-8144

If you have any questions during this process, please e-mail fingerprintingchicago@gmail.com

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